About Congress

The “International Congress for Innovative Studies in Education (ICIRE 2021)”, which will be organized by the “Kosovo Educational Research Association” on December 10-12, 2021, will bring together all academicians, teachers and researchers who apply distance education and hybrid education model with their scientific studies, sharing experiences and It is aimed to be evaluated.

The congress will be held with online presentations. Kosovo Educational Research Association (KEAD), Turkey Educational Research Association of the online convention which will be held in collaboration with today’s most important problem, “Distance Education”, “Hybrid Training”, “Learning Process”, “Remote Applied Sciences Education”, “Natural Science Education “Assessment and Evaluation”, “Homework and Controls”, “Absenteeism and Course Follow-up Processes”, “Technology and Opportunities”, “Student Satisfaction”, “Disadvantaged Groups”, “Positive and Negative Aspects of Distance Education” All relevant scientific studies will be included. For this purpose, it is the mission of the congress to bring together educators, academicians and policy makers from all levels in this environment where new models in education that affect the whole world can emerge.

We will be happy to see you with your online presentations on the determined dates.
Congress languages ​​are English, Albanian and Turkish.

Congress Chairman
Asst. Prof. Dr. Serdan Kervan (President of the Kosovo Educational Research Association)