Abstract Guidelines for Papers

Paper Writing Rules
ABSTRACT CONTENT: Abstracts should include parts of a scientific publication (the importance and scope of the study in the first paragraph, the purpose of the study, method, findings and results in the second paragraph). Possible results should be included in ongoing researches that are not yet completed. The papers to be presented at the congress should be in the form of theoretical and / or applied original studies, should be capable of contributing to scientific development and should give a result message. In order to avoid typographical errors in the full text book, the following points should be taken into consideration.

1. The entire abstract should not exceed 500 words, excluding the title, author’s name and surname.
2. The paper can be prepared preferably in English, Albanian and Turkish. However, even if the paper is prepared in Albanian or Turkish, it must also have an English summary in order to be submitted to the referee board.
3. Authors who will present a paper must register as participants.

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Evaluation of the Papers
Evaluation; The name / surname and institutions of the researchers will be kept confidential and will be made by the Referee Board. Each paper will be evaluated by at least two referees.
In order for the abstracts to be evaluated, at least one of the researchers must have completed the registration in the abstract submission system.
The result of the evaluation will be sent to all paper owners as a result letter.